FIACI : Santo Domingo 2024

April 30, 2024

So pleased to share that my work is going to be included in FIACI: Santo Domingo.

FIACI, the International Contemporary Art Fairwill feature five exhibition venues showcasing more than 350 works by local and international artists, showcasing a wide range of contemporary art. This is the first edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair in the Dominican Republic which will turn the cities of Santo Domingo and Santiago into the epicenter of the country's creativity and artistic expression. 

Press Release: "Interweave" @ Ellen Miller Gallery

February 19, 2024


FEB 16- MARCH 23

Ellen Miller Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Rachel Hellmann's solo exhibition: Interweave. This new body of work consists of hand-sewn works on Dura-lar and the shaped paintings that were inspired by them. The work composed of paint, thread, fabric and transparent papers continues to explore perception and light through luminous, layered works that highlight domestic materiality. Interweave will open February 16 - March 23, 2024.


                               “A good listener is told what to do by material and material does not err.”
                                                                                                              - Anni Albers

Hellmann's studio practice has been focused on a rigorous approach to abstract painting, shifting between painted wood wall sculptures to serial paintings on paper, all elegantly layered with planes of color that both distort and clarify the underlying composition. Hellmann's works play with what is "real" and what is "created". We question the depth of her painted reliefs, and how her use of color challenges our perception of space. Hellmann's paintings on paper demonstrate a similar complexity, achieved through an exquisite handling of the illusory quality of paint.

In her newest body of work exhibited in Interweave, Hellmann introduces mylar, fabric, thread into her painting practice. She is now physically layering her materials in order to achieve a more "present" object that examines the complexity of abstract space. Shifting layers of transparent mylar, sewn together with fabric both by hand and machine, articulated with passages of painted geometric forms; these compositions explore a new vocabulary with the Hellmann's singular discipline and vision.


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