Thank you to Artsy and Bridget Gleeson for Review of "State of Play" @ Elizabeth Houston Gallery

November 15, 2016

"It might seem like a long way from origami to architecture, from miniature paper sculptures to rooms and buildings large enough to walk through or live in. But Hellmann is attuned to geometry and the finer details. And, like an architect, she turns the concept into something tactile that calls for human experience."

-Bridget Gleeson, Artsy

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Words in Air Artist Book

October 17, 2016

Pleased to share that the collaborative artist booked I created with Jennifer Caine has recently been acquired by the Addison Gallery of American Art. Jennifer and I had the incredible privlege of spending much of 2016 at the museum as the Edward E Elson Artists-in-Residence and couldn't imagine a better home for this piece!

IAC Grant

October 15, 2016

Progress for my new series of paintings supported from the Indiana Arts Commision is underway. I will be posting progress pics multiple times over the next year-

Words in Air Returns

May 1, 2016

The biggest crate i've ever seen - weighting in at 950lbs..... Our collaborative installation Words in Air returns after being shown at the Addison Gallery of American Art (Andover, MA) & Cynthia - Reeves Gallery (North Adams, MA)



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