Bend, Fold & Paint @ Ellen Miller Gallery

September 4, 2019



Ellen Miller Gallery
450 Harrison Ave #309
Boston, MA 02118

We are pleased to announce the opening of Rachel Hellmann's Fold, Bend and Paint: New Paintings. This exhibition will run from September 6th - Oct 2nd. Opening reception is Sept 6th 6-8 pm.

Rachel Hellmann’s: Fold, Bend, and Paint focuses on two bodies of recent work, two-dimensional paintings on paper and three-dimensional relief paintings on poplar wood. The initial impact of the works is one of bold, bright colors carefully arranged in stunning geometric compositions. The lasting impact lies the discovery of complex intersections and delightful spaces created by the folding and bending of the wooden substrate and the brightly colored patterns that adorn these complex forms.

The works on paper explore composition and color with a more limited substrate, heavy paper that permits acrylic paint to sit purposely and boldly on the surface of the paper. Although clearly 2-D, these paintings on paper have a strong physical presence and capture the energy of folding and bending forms in space.

The wooden substrate of relief paintings are complex forms requiring careful planning, engineering and craftsmanship. These objects push out from the wall as they literally fold, and bend and even crease in space. Their internal energy is enhanced through Hellmann's skillful handling of paint on the surface of these forms. The underlying structure continually informs the painted surface. But for the sheer pleasure of surprise, the artist occasionally breaks away with an unexpected twist or turn, courtesy of the illusion of paint. Hellmann's work continually delights and confounds as we explore these handsome sculptures from every side and angle.